About Frank.

We’re no faceless corporate. Nope, we’ve evolved from a Norfolk family-based brand with its roots firmly entrenched in 100 years of British farming heritage.

Our earthy foundations mean that provenance is key to us. We always search out the finest best-in-class ingredients to use in our prepared foods and wherever possible, these are locally and always responsibly sourced. 

We prefer to think small! Never in relation to our business you understand but more in terms of the size of our products, because we’re the king of Classic British Miniatures, from mouth-watering mini Yorkshire Puddings, Fish & Mushy Peas, quiches and Cottage Pies to moreish baby Victoria Sponges and Black Forest cakes

Small bites, big flavour

Our servings may be small, but they certainly pack a punch in the flavour and top taste experience department! Although based on British Classics we’ve put a modern twist on each traditional favourite to create a selection of up to the minute decadent bites, ensuring the food for your special occasion most definitely boasts the wow factor.

Homemade – ish

We’re proud of the fact that all our products are made in-house – we buy nothing in and that even includes creams, jams, pastry and fillings. Everything is made under one roof, completely from scratch using store cupboard ingredients, so the end result is a range of products that are 100% authentic, with a rustic charm and ‘Frank’s’ handmade touch.

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