Here at FrankDale Foods, we use sustainable packaging by Woolcool to ensure that all our fresh produce arrives to you in perfect condition. The cardboard boxes are lined with 100% pure sheep's wool wrapped in a breathable, food-grade polythene wrap. Our insulated packaging keeps it’s contents at their required temperature for longer than conventional packaging and can keep product at 5°C for at least 24 hours and longer. 

Wool Liners

If you want to get inspired on how to reuse your Woolcool liners, please visit our partner website to find more information: https://www.woolcool.com/woolcool-recycling-ideas/  

Interested in returning your Woolcool liners for free? Check out the Woolcool Circular Economy Scheme website: http://www.woolcool.com/pioneers/


All our cardboard originates from FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) certified sustainable sources. This means it has been sustainably sourced under strict standards to ensure it’s been managed in a socially, environmentally and economically sound way. Simply flatten and recycle in your household recycling.

Ice Packs

Our gel ice packs can be reused, just pop in the freezer to refreeze. If you want to dispose of them, once defrosted carefully pierce or snip to empty ice gel down the sink. The gel is created from FDA & EU food safe natural salt-based polymer which has no negative environmental issues. It is perfectly safe to touch and dispose of down the sink. The empty plastic pouch is fully recyclable through your normal household recycled collection.

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