You may not have heard of us before.


You might think the name a tad old-fashioned? Whereas we think it describes us perfectly, steady, reliable, someone you can really trust.


That’s because we’re not some fly by night trend new food brand. Quite the opposite, we’ve been around for over 25 years. The Frank Dale name has become a much loved and (there’s that word again), trusted feature in professional kitchens across the country. We’re the acknowledged go-to for chefs looking to create a fabulous feast for a special occasion thanks to our bite-sized collection of gorgeous canapés, scrumptious quiches, perfect pies and delicious cakes.

For years we’ve been the best kept secret amongst those in the know within the catering industry, but we think it’s time to show our face in public, So, now anyone planning a bit of a ‘do’ has the chance to buy our restaurant quality, to-die-for frozen miniature gastronomic treats and instantly produce a spread designed to dazzle!.


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